Defamation suits have been on the rise in this social media age. It is the act of damaging one’s reputation. Defamation can be against an individual or a business. There are various types of defamation cases you need to know. They include libel and slander. Libel is a defamatory statement that is written while slander is a spoken defamatory statement. The internet age has seen a rise in the number of platforms where one can make defamatory libel statements. There are blog posts, social networking sites, and websites.

Such statements can also be made in newspapers, magazines, or other public media. A perfect example of libel statement is when you write down how someone acted against their profession when they did not do that in real sense. Slander is usually common in public speeches, videos, and voice recordings. You can damage the character of a particular individual or business by associating them with something not aligned to their personality.

Defamation cases attract hefty penalties and also a jail term. Most people will ask for compensation for the damages caused to them. Some businesses may start counting losses as a result of character damage. The accused may be required to issue a public apology before paying for the damages. The process of filing a defamation suit and winning a case requires a lot. Here is what you need to know.

Hiring an Attorney

You should look for an attorney who willlaw of defamation help you out through your defamation case. The first thing they have to do is serve the accused and issue them with ultimatums. The accused can reply or fail to do the same. This is when you will know the right step to take. Look for a competent attorney who will advise you on how to handle the matter and the steps to take.

Proving Your Case

You have to prove that your character was defamed. This should be done before the court. Be able to show that a specific individual made a written, spoken, or another form of a statement that harms your character, and a third party published it. You should also prove that the statement made was false of damaged your character. This way, you will have an easy win.


It is usually in the form of money. In most instances, the court will come up with a specific fee they find suitable for your compensation. The accused can also be directed to issue a public apology. You should follow the rule of law in case of defamation to get your settlement.