Segmentation and Cover Classification Analyses of Seabed Images

What includes Seascape?

  1. Multiplatform: as open source software, can be installed in different operating systems (mainly GNU/Linux, MS Windows (XP/Windows 7) and easily portable to Macintosh;
  2. As image input accepts many common formats such as tiff, jpeg, png, bmp;
  3. Flexible species/category list database management through Excel Spreadsheet files;
  4. Hierarchical segmentation of grey and colour images;
  5. Dynamic selection of working segmentation scales;
  6. Flexible colour labelling code management through colour maps for species/categories;
  7. Easy image scaling and calibration options;
  8. Powerful and usable segmenting interface with selectable zoom and navigation window;
  9. Friendly labelling and classification of polygons of the segmented image;
  10. Automatic descriptors of planar area and perimeter for individually classified polygons. Results exported to Excel spreadsheets;
  11. Automatic generation of export data (separately or included in previous datasheets) in Excel and ASCII files, with different options for further statistical analyses (region, locality, date, depth);
  12. Exporting classified images into bitmap and tiff files.

Figure. Overview of Seascape program controls and windows.

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